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  • Men's Tonal Shacket Air: Black

    The coolest, lightest jacket you will ever wear. The AIR is made of a unique bonded fabric that combines a perforated stretch layer on top, with a mesh layer on the inside, giving our shacket superior air flow and breathability.

    Unlike other mesh jackets, our fabric isn't transparent, so you won't see your shirt peeking through. Made in our pullover Shacket design, this is definitely the most breathable jacket you will ever ride in!


    Unique Mesh Fabric
    Bonding two layers of performance fabric, the top stretch perforated layer, and the inner mesh layer, provides the lightest, coolest jacket on the market. Our fabric isn't see-through, so feel free to wear your short sleeve or coloured shirt without anyone being any the wiser!

    Pullover Design
    Looks like a jacket, performs like a jacket, but pulls over like a shirt. All the things you love about a competition jacket but in the ease of a pullover.

    Sewn Front
    Our signature sewn front gives the illusion of a traditional button-up jacket, but the sewn closure keeps a tidy, streamlined silhouette.

    Faux Buttons
    Flexible sewn on buttons give the illusion of a traditional style jacket, but no gaping, and no popping off.



    73% Polyamide, 27% Elastane
    Italian bonded fabric is breathable, stretchy, and amazingly comfortable. Designed for high performance, it is perfectly structured while still being easy to care for, quick drying, and wrinkle resistant.

    Size & Fit

    Body Hugging
    Designed to fit like a modern competition jacket. 

    Take your usual shirt sizing from XS - XL.


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