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Struck Breeches - Made-in-Canada


Awestruck.  Lovestruck.  Get Struck.

These are not your mother’s breeches.  You won’t find anything like them in an art gallery hunt print.  Nor in a video from the 1960 Mexico Olympics.  Not even at the 2010 WEG in Kentucky.  Struck Breeches are designed for one thing and one thing only: Equestrian Sport.

Whether you ride one horse a day or ten, Struck Breeches will help you achieve your best performance in the saddle during training and competition.  To this end, we re-imagined breeches to deliver on three fronts that are critical for top athletic performance: Fit, Function, and Style.

To learn more about what make Struck Breeches great please visit our Features section! #getstruck



We find most riders who wear a standard size in any one of our competitors’ breeches will fit similarly in our sizing.  We do offer the additional benefit of in-between waist sizes in several instances, so for example if you find a 26 inch waist too tight, but a 28 inch waist a bit loose, we do offer a 27 inch waist size for a near perfect fit!  

 Struck Breeches 50 Series Size

Women's Struck Breeches 60 Series Sizing

Women's Struck 100 Series Breeches Sizing